Tuesday, December 13, 2011

vocatus atque non vocatus, Deus aderit

I tweeted this phrase this past Sunday. One translation goes like this:

"Called or not called, God is there."

But what does that mean? And why was it encouraging to me?

When I first read it I felt a stirring somewhere behind my sternum. Because I took astronomy instead of a real science class I can't tell you exactly where, so I hope you understand where I'm talking about.  And this stirring, almost a wrenching, let me know that the words that I had just read meant something. Before I had any clue about what they meant, I knew that they were for me.

I think that these words mean so much to me because I have been struggling with the idea of my calling.

What is it?

And the bigger question still:

Do I have one?

And the reason why I have the last question is because I haven't been pursuing anything. I haven't been moving.

It reminds me of my Dad's GPS. When we are out geocaching the thing points the direction that we need to go. But sometimes there's an odd little quirk: if you're not moving in a direction, if you are stationary, it can get mixed up. As soon as you start walking though it gets it all sorted out and you're good to go. I'm not smart enough (see my course choices above)to tell you why, though I could probably make something up that sounds about right. Ask me and I'll do that, if you like.

I'm currently working at Subway as a "Shift Leader." I'm doing that because I turned down two jobs in the area because I didn't feel good about them, because I thought that I wasn't going to be too long for KC. And that may be true, but I'm now reeping the fruits of that decision. I have a desire in me to go places: to be better at the job, to move about geographically, etc. And the job I'm in right now has no place else for me to go.

But, according to the Latin, none of that matters. Forget it all. Because

Called or not called, God is there.

But there's another interpretation from Buechner:

"in the long run, whether you call on him or don't call on him, God will be present with you. That if we really had our eyes open, we would see that all moments are key moments. That he who does not love remains in death. That Jesus is the Word made flesh who dwells among us full of grace and truth."

So called or uncalled, God is with me. If I have a calling or have no calling, God is with me. God is with mean whether or not I call on Him.

Blessed Assurance.


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